Precision CNC Milling

Tennett’s CNC milling equipment is equipped to handle many machining needs from small medical instruments to large Weldments, Castings and Forgings. We can manufacture parts as large as 90″ x 160″ on the large equipment and smaller parts on the high-speed machining equipment.

We are well-suited to handle Prototype ( R&D) to medium-run production in most material types including plastic, alloy steel, stainless and high-temp alloys.

Our CNC programmers are fully capable of programming even the most complex jobs, and in most cases we can work directly from your CAD files. We have both vertical and horizontal CNC milling capabilities with true 4th Axis giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to 3D shape work and difficult-to-machine parts. This allows us to perform multiple setups at one time making it possible to meet shorter delivery requirements.

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