Large Machining

At Tennett, we can provide both horizontal and vertical CNC milling and large turning on our CNC VTL for prototype and short-run production on a wide range of large components. Our large VerticalCNC Gantry Mill offers 90″ x 160″ travels, while our large Boring Mill has 70″ x 78″ travels. 

We have 4th Axis capabilities on both our Vertical and Horizontal milling machines to provide multi-surface machining in one operation, ensuring both cost effectiveness and accuracy. 

Our VTL can turn up to 78″ diameter and has live tooling that can eliminate additional setups for secondary milling and drill operations. 

Our large machines are crane served which travels the length of the building.

We have experience in machining a wide variety of parts including:

  • Housings 
  • Mold bases 
  • Die sets 
  • 3D shapes 
  • Turbines units 
  • Compressor rings 
  • Large plates rings
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