Our state-of-the-art Wenzel LH1210 CMM with articulating head gives Tennett Manufacturing a great resource for inspecting parts and setups. With travels of 47” x 78” x 39” and a full rotating head, it give us the ability to inspect parts from multiple sides in one setup. Full solid granite work table and traveling column construction give the Wenzel CMM extreme accuracies because it is based on a thermally sound work surface.

Along with our CMM, we rely on our vast supply of manual inspection gages including Bore Gages, Thread Micrometers, Gage Blocks, Thread & Plug gages, indicators and surface plates.

In addition to inspecting our own parts, we also perform inspections on other parts for customers and vendors, as well as provide reverse engineering using our CMM. With multiple cloud and scanning point, we are able to produce files to recreate damaged or non-replaceable parts.

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